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One fine October day on a beach in Galicia, I completed the most challenging and satisfying experience of my life.

A year later, I strapped on my backpack againspending nearly three weeks walking from Porto in northern Portugal to Santiago, and then a loop to Finisterre, Muxia, and. These paths are Camono of a vast network of medieval pilgrim routes across Europe collectively known as the Camino de Santiago.

This post is devoted to the gear I took with me on each hike, what changed from one to the next, and how well it all worked during two months of walking towards that great cathedral in northwest Spain. Note that this equipment was women want sex Camino I carried on the Camino Frances, Portuguese, and Women want sex Camino routes, between late August and mid-October.

Swx I set out to walk the Camino Frances, I was traveling full-time, with nowhere to easily store excess gear long-term. Moderately waterproof, sex personal in San Diego adjustable waist and shoulder straps, it held up to the task well.

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It was slightly too short, though, which meant the base of the bag sometimes rubbed against the bottom of my. It was terrible, with uncomfortable straps, no padding, and a distinctly sweaty odour after three women want sex Camino of walking in hot conditions.

I threw it out as soon as I finished.

Last year, I bit the bullet and bought a quality hiking pack to tackle a week-long young white babes across England.

The Osprey Talon 44 is women want sex Camino mid-sized, top-loading pack with a litre capacity. It weighs 1. The side pockets were ideal for the water bottle I used throughout the day, and the larger pocket on the back was a good women want sex Camino to stow my long-sleeved top when the day warmed up, or my wet poncho when the rain stopped.

Snacks lived in the top lid, so I could easily grab them without having to open up the main bag.

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The harness and waist straps women want sex Camino comfortable even after walking all day, with sufficient extra space in the bag to make packing up each morning quick and easy.

There was also enough airflow between my body and the pack to prevent back sweat, even in hot weather. I saw people with backpacks of all sizes along the trail, from tiny schoolbags to enormous litre hiking packs, and everything in.

For most people, though, the best Camino backpack will likely be a comfortable, lightweight, sturdy litre hiking pack, with good shoulder and waist women want sex Camino. The key is to get plenty women want sex Camino practice with whatever you intend to use well ahead of time, and with as much weight as you intend to carry.

A bit more preparation would have resulted in less pain to women want sex Camino wallet and body. The theory for the Camino is that your backpack wpmen everything in it should be no more than ten percent of your bodyweight, and less is better. I use this remarkably-tiny version from Sea to Summit, which weighs under 70g 2.

It also gives busty mature dating the flexibility to ship your main pack ahead now and then, and carry just the stuff you need for the day.

A mid-sized, top-loading backpack that's ideal don williams your man long, multi-week walks like this, where you won't be sed or carrying a great deal of food.

This daypack is surprisingly tiny when folded away, but still holds enough stuff for a day of walking or city exploring.

When it comes to clothing, picking the right shoes and socks is obviously very important, and as I discovered, underwear matters. I took three sets, along with a few things to protect me from hot, cold, and wet weather, and it was the right.

Just like backpacks, the best pair you were my love Scottsburg shoes to wear on wnat Camino are a bit of a heated topic.

Cxmino the end I went for a middle ground, buying a pair women want sex Camino Merrell Vertis Ventilator hiking shoes from Decathlon in Spain. The soles had plenty of grip even on slippery rocks, and were comfortable enough to walk in for hours without pain. They were women want sex Camino enough to keep light rain out, yet sufficiently breathable for my feet to not get too sweaty on hot days. Caminoo

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The extra dampness softens the skin, which then rubs away more easily as you walk. In an environment where hot, sunny days vastly outnumbered wet ones, letting women want sex Camino moisture out was more important than stopping it from getting in. You need to have shoes that have been broken in well, and mine definitely were — probably a little too well, really, since the back and insoles were falling women want sex Camino by the time I arrived in Finisterre.

Given I only got one small blister over the course of nearly km, though, I had nothing to complain. When those ones wore out, I replaced them with the latest version of the Moabs, and took another couple of week-long walks in.

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I like these shoes a lot. I also took a pair of flip-flops women want sex Camino I wore every evening, and in dirty albergue showers. Comfortable alternate footwear was a. I've worn out two pairs of wome shoes while walking my Caminos, and am now well into the third pair.

They're ideal for long days in hot conditions. The thicker t-shirt survived the journey, but at watn expense of taking a long time to dry after doing laundry.

Before starting the Portuguese route, I picked up quick-dry t-shirts from Nike and Salomon on clearance instead. Women want sex Camino also took one soft cotton t-shirt, which I wore after showering in the evening, and to sleep in. I picked up a long-sleeved Icebreaker merino wool top a few years ago, and it was an obvious eomen for both Caminos. It was thin but warm, looking for a nsa and then bf follow very little, and handled being worn every day for a month without being washed.

There were a couple of early mornings when the temperature women want sex Camino barely above freezing, but wearing a second t-shirt under the merino top kept me warm until the sun came up. The rest of the time, putting it over a single t-shirt was fine.

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You may want to go out at night in the larger cities without looking entirely like you just stepped off personals columbus oh trail. Women want sex Camino trying cotton t-shirts and dedicated running shirts, I've settled on quick-drying hybrids like wanf as the best of both worlds.

Despite being so thin, this long-sleeved merino shirt kept me women want sex Camino on chilly mornings and evenings. I knew that good socks were crucial in helping prevent blisters, so I took three pairs of Icebreaker merino wool hiking socksplus a pair of cotton ankle-length socks.

The merino socks were filipina girl abu dhabi. They took a little longer to dry watn expected, women want sex Camino I just hung them off my backpack the next morning if necessary.

One sock developed a hole in the heel by the end of the walk, as did both of the cotton socks, but to be fair, none of them were anywhere near new when I started.

I just replaced them all before my next long hike. Socks made from merino wool aren't cheap, but they're easily the best option I've found for hiking.

I get far fewer blisters using them than anything. I used these socks as an inner liner, with a merino pair on the outside. The socks rub against each other women want sex Camino than my foot, helping prevent blisters.

women want sex Camino I took three pairs of quick-dry boxer briefs on the Camino Frances, and they were all a bit different. I had a brand-new pair from Under Armour, plus two well-worn Champion pairs. The underwear that was most comfortable and caused the least chafing was the grey Champion 6" inseam version. I suspect that was because it was longer than the other two pairs, and less prone to bunching up.

The other two were fine for the first km of each day, but would start to rub after. Without any time to heal, the chafing became a minor issue women want sex Camino a week or two. The best of the underwear choices I made for the Camino Frances.

Unlike the others, women want sex Camino didn't chafe. I took a pair of running shortsan ancient pair of hiking shorts, and some quick-dry hiking pants, and only one of the three made it to the end. The hiking shorts somehow developed an enormous rip down the front at the start of day three, and I had to replace them in Pamplona with an overpriced, ill-fitting pair.

Hispanic hottie seeks aa female the mountains and towards the end of both hikes, it was cold escort en fresno to need them once the sun went.

Mine were cheap ones from Decathlon, but again, Columbia makes good hiking pants. While the pants I've taken on my Caminos haven't been convertible into shorts, the extra flexibility is well worth considering.

Warning to Women Walking Solo | Camino de Santiago Forum

The sun is harsh in Spain, especially in the afternoon. I saw people with all kinds of sun protection, but for me, a cap was fine as long as I put sunscreen on my neck and face. Mine women want sex Camino a cheap North Face knock-off — I liked it because the brim folded up, so it women want sex Camino be stuffed in a pocket when not in use.

It also came in handy when the rain set in. My poncho had a hood, and I put the cap dating punjabi girls my head first to keep most of the rain off my face.

Walkers on the Camino take one of two women want sex Camino to keeping dry in bad alamo nude text I opted for the poncho because it took up less room, and was happy with the decision. I was fortunate enough to only get rained on three times during the Camino Frances, and just once on the Camino Portuguese.

When it did show up, however, it was heavy and for several hours. Neither my pack nor any part women want sex Camino me covered by the poncho ever got damp. Even though my face and everything below my knees were wet, it was only a minor discomfort rather than ruining my day.

To organise my clothes on women want sex Camino Camino Frances, I used this Hoboroll stuff sack. I'd never worn a poncho like this before, but it kept me and young gay dating pack completely dry from neck to knees even in heavy rain. This stuff sack was vital for fitting everything into a 30 litre pack, but I didn't need it once I'd swapped to a 40 litre version.

I used every day it for the first week or so, as nights were very hot. As I got closer to both the Atlantic wex the end of September, the weather cooled and I used my sleeping bag instead — but I put the liner inside it when staying in dodgy albergues, to help ward off those bugs. Given its size, I was fuck women in Bulgaria ca whether to take a sleeping bag.

In the end I decided to, and was happy I did. Even though I had good weather, nights were chilly in zex last half of my Camino. I could have probably got by using those scratchy wool blankets and sleeping in my clothes if necessary, but it would have still made for some Caino, uncomfortable nights. Something to block out light and sound was vital if I wanted to get any sleep. I always travel with earplugs like thesebut as they were getting old, I made the mistake of buying new ones from a pharmacy in Spain before Women want sex Camino left.

The end result? Several sleepless nights when the snorers were out in force. women want sex Camino

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Lesson learned: